Our job is to provide that next step in the process. With top-notch microphones, an array of analogue and vacuum tube pre-amps, high-quality analogue-to-digital converters and state of the art software the Recording suite at Orion Studios is your best place to record in Baltimore. We’ve been recording music for over 15 years and have experience with such diverse genres as jazz, classical/baroque, hip-hop, fusion, progressive rock, r&b, post-rock, and more. We offer skilled recording engineers and rock-bottom broke-ass musician rates in a relaxed and productive atmosphere. The studio features three different rooms, and is arranged so that an entire band – two guitars, bass, keys, drums, and scratch vocals, can all be recorded in a single take. In all up to 32 channels can be recorded simultaneously. Each musician (and drummer!) has his/her own 16-channel digital mixer, assuring the perfect mix “in the cans”.


Current Special!!

A weekend 25-hour recording package for $975

This has been a favorite for years so we continue to offer it.  It’s perfectly suited to cutting that four song demo, or combine two weekends and record an entire album!  Essentially the package is comprised of 25 hours of studio time and includes a free setup session.  Typically we start on Friday evening getting everything mic’d up – mostly the drum kit, of course.  Then we start recording on Saturday with an 8-hour session, and follow that with a 7-hour session on Sunday.  The remaining ten hours is usually split between several shorter sessions during the following week.  When finished you walk out with a mixed and mastered cd of your songs.  Or if you prefer to have the tracks mastered elsewhere you’ll be provided with a 2-track mixdown ready for mastering.  Bring along a portable storage device and we can copy all of the session files on to your hard disk for safe keeping or to revisit in the future when that bass player doesn’t work out and you need to replace the tracks.

Recording Studio

It all starts with some great song ideas. You’ve worked it down to some tight arrangements and the band is really slamming it in rehearsal! Now it’s time to get those songs recorded so that the whole world can revel in the awesomeness of your music!

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First hour is only $75!

Then $50 per hour for all additional hours.

10-hour block DISCOUNTS are $465

Rates apply to all in-studio services including setup, recording, mixing, and mastering