Performance Showcase Studio

The Showcase Studio at Orion is a multipurpose room designed to put the spotlight on your band’s performance.  Whether it’s for a live video shoot, an in-studio live recording, or simply a chance to play in front of your friends and fans we’ve got what  you need to rock the house!  The room is equipped with full front-of-house,  monitor, and light systems.   The front-of-house features a 32-channel console, and a transformer-isolated splitter sends a clean 24-channel feed to a second 32-channel console in the recording booth, meaning we can provide you with a 24-channel digital recording of your performance.  This room is, in fact, the home of the Orion LiveMusic Showcases, an internationally acclaimed series of performances by bands and musicians from around the world featuring progressive rock, jazz, ambient, fusion, post-rock, and more.

Video Shoots

Here’s a video shoot from the Showcase Studio of local tribute band Iron Men.  The video was a multi-camera shoot provided by AJ Video Services, Orion Studios provided the audio recording.  Note that in this case the band provided their own lighting system (and a very nice setup it was!) and that instead of recording on the stage they chose to use the main floor.


Live in-studio Recoding


New York space rock band Born to Go during a live in-studio recording on the Orion Showcase Studio stage.

Touring Bands

The Showcase Studio is also available to touring acts in need of either a place to work out the production kinks before hitting the road, or as a place “away” from the road for a few days while on-tour.  Multi-day lockouts are available.  We have lots of parking for tour buses and equipment trucks on our lot.

Baha Men

The Baha Men used the studio’s showcase room before letting the dogs out on their 2002 US tour. Lots of room was available for their (very nice) tour bus!