Necromonkey & Kotebel – 7:30pm Thur., Aug 28th


Great Start for our 2014 Fall Series!

Please join us on Thursday night, August 28th as we present two of the bands gracing the stage for the 20th anniversary ProgDay festival, Necromonkey and Kotebel! I can’t reveal all of the shows we have lined up (as several are yet to be confirmed) but our opening pairing should give you a hint that this year’s fall series will be a blockbuster!




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Get set for an amazing explosion of psychosis-inducing soundscapes compliments of Sweden’s Necromonkey. Featuring Mattias Olsson from progressive rock legends Anglagaard, and David Lundberg from Gosta Berlings Saga, the two bands that brought the house down at the ultimate NearFest Apocalypse – Necromonkey are headed to the US and we’re right in their sights!  It’s a rare Thursday night show but it was what was available given their tour schedule and their planned psychotic experiments and research to be conducted upon the unsuspecting as they lay in respite upon the bucolic acres of green that envelope The ProgDay XX. This is some of the best rock electronica I’ve heard, a great mix of the etherial and the the crunch. And fear not!  With a quick stage change from our opening act Necromonkey will be able to “stretch things out” a bit without negatively affecting the twisted dreams that will visit your sleep following the show. So bring a box full of your favorite transistors, resistors, capacitors, and diodes – show them what their creators intended them for.




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With 6 albums released since 2000, including the highly acclaimed “Omphalos” (nominated for “Best Foreign Record” in ProgAwards 2006) and “Ouroboros” (Winner – “Best Foreign Record” in ProgAwards 2009) Kotebel is one of the main progressive acts in Spain and Latin America.

The band’s latest album – Concerto for Piano and Electric Ensemble – won both the Jury and Pop Vox awards in the 12th edition of the Independent Music Awards (IMA), in the category of Instrumental Music.

Kotebel’s music is an elaborate, yet accessible blend of avant-garde symphonic rock, with a wide range of influences from classical to jazz to world music. Reviewers of our albums and fans mention influences as diverse as Genesis, Debussy, Yes, ELP, Ravel, Messiaen, Thinking Plague, The Enid, Steve Hackett, Gentle Giant, King Crimson or Chopin.

Kotebel has participated in prestigious festivals including BajaProg (Mexico – 2004), Gouveia Art Rock (Portugal – 2007/2010), ProgSud (France – 2007) – headlined this festival -, Madrid Art Music Festival (Spain – 2008/2009), Go Prog (Portugal – 2009), sharing the stage with artists like Robert Fripp, Magma, After Crying, IQ, Allan Holdsworth, Deus Ex Machina, Isildurs Bane, Jerry Marotta, Pat Mastelotto, etc.