8:00pm Saturday, September 13th

The Orion LiveMusic Showcases present:

The Cellar and Point

with guests

Anthony Pirog


Jonathan Badger

Well now, that was fun!  Our first fall show, with Kotebel and Necromonkey, was fabulous, and another fantastic ProgDay has come and gone – guess that means it’s time for some more shows!  And since I’m at least ankle-deep in the process of learning the programming language Python I’ll offer  “And now for something completely different….”   Those of you at the previous show heard samples from all three of the acts for our upcoming show as I played their CDs between sets.  I will add something I know I add too often – but is SO true with this show – you positively don’t want to miss this one – REALLY!  This is not your father’s, nor Daniel Denis’ father’s,  chamber prog band!


The Cellar and Point



Describing themselves as a “garage chamber” ensemble, The Cellar and Point is the brainchild of drummer/producer Joseph Branciforte and guitarist Christopher Botta.  Having spent the past three years self-producing their debut album (Ambit, on Cuneiform Records, wouldn’t cha know!) the septet is gearing up for performances to support the album’ release in October of this year.  Branciforte and Botta had long imagined a fluid synthesis of their wide-ranging musical interests. The detail of modern concert music; the improvisational sensibilities of downtown jazz; the emotional directness of alt-rock. The production value and formal concision of pop, the head-nodding grooves of hip-hop and electronica, the immersive sonics of ambient music.  Might it be possible to draw equally upon these influences, while transcending mere collage? How could these manifold musical experiences be distilled into a personal, unified aesthetic? And could this music be presented in the context of a working ensemble – not just a studio project – but a band?

THE CELLAR AND POINT is one possible answer to those questions.  Time Out New York has described the ensemble’s sound as “ethereal chamber-prog” and lauded their live performance as “brainy, yet highly engaging.The New York Times has taken note of “the chamberlike enterprise of a productive partnership, of the percussionist Joseph Branciforte and the guitarist Christopher Botta.” But AMBIT, which features seven Branciforte/Botta originals, plus arrangements of composers György Ligeti and Anton Webern, marks the group’s first complete musical

This show provides an opportunity for you to see an ambitious group of young musicians who are pushing boundaries and blending genres; creating something wholly new and exciting.  What could be more progressive?


  • joe bergen – vibraphone
  • christopher otto – violin
  • kevin mcfarland – cello
  • terrence mcmanus – electric guitar
  • christopher botta – acoustic guitar + banjo
  • rufus philpot – bass
  • joseph branciforte – drums

 The Anthony Pirog Trio



  • Anthony Pirog – guitar + electronics
  • Michael Formanek – acoustic bass
  • Ches Smith – drums + electronics


You gotta hear this it’s SO good!

Washington, D.C.’s jazz and experimental music scenes wouldn’t be quite where they are today without Anthony Pirog. The guitarist, composer and loops magician is a quiet but ubiquitous force on stages around his hometown. With fearsome chops and a keen ear for odd beauty, Pirog has helped expand the possibilities of jazz, rock and experimentalism in a town long known for its straight-ahead tradition.   Anthony has twice visited our stage in the past, first in duet form with Janel and Anthony and, more recently, with his Telecaster Tribute.  It’s a small indication of his talent and diversity that he’ll be appearing again, this time in a trio format, celebrating the imminent release of their debut Cuneiform release “Palo Colorado Dream”.

Jonathan Badger

Post Rock / Minimalist Pop / Experimental Guitarishness – from Bawlimer, hon!


OMG – here we go again – ya gotta hear this!

Jonathan Badger is a guitarist, composer and video artist. He studied composition with Stephen Jaffe, Scott Lindroth and John Harbison at Duke University Graduate School of Music. He also studied in Guitar Craft, a school founded and guided by Robert Fripp. JB’s work ranges from postrock sludge to neobaroque chamber music. In live performance his compositions and improvisations show themselves in electronic garb, all the while maintaining the character of solo guitar. Often his performances include the use of a distinctly musicalized video projection system.

“This melancholic, mosaic record—the second from Baltimore-based aural alchemist Jonathan Badger . . . shuffles nimbly between extremes of darkness and light the way an Olympic figure skater transitions from twirls and spins to Lutzes and axles, a suite of fluid, involving instrumentals that draws from disparate genres to arrive at a sort of post-ambient survey course.”  Raymond Cummings, Baltimore City Paper

Badger will be playing music from his imminent release “Verse” on – you guessed it, Cuneiform Records.  Do you see a pattern here?