Beardfish Return to Orion!


8:00pm Wednesday, May 7th





What more can you say about a band that has played virtually every major progressive rock music festival (including both ProgDay and NEARFest), was originally scheduled to play the Progressive Nations tour in 2010 (but had to back out when they lost tour support as their label’s distributor went bankrupt),  has played the “boat circuit” with a spot in this year’s “Progressive Nation at Sea” cruise, and is headlining the Saturday program at this year’s Rights of Spring Festival (RoSFest)?  Not much, really, other than to assert that none of it comes as any surprise.   Beardfish are perhaps the best known of the current crop of young bands who have absorbed the influences of great progressive bands from an earlier generation (King Crimson, Gentle Giant, Genesis, to name a few), and augment those influences with a fresh modern take and sounds.   Plus they’ve even performed at that little black cube in the aging industrial underbelly of Baltimore known as Orion Studios.

Since their inception in 2001, Beardfish have released seven critically-acclaimed and commercially successful albums, the most recent of which, “The Void” (InsideOut Music), was released in 2012.   This album finds the band infusing more elements of metal into their sound while still retaining their progressive bona fides with complex and instrumental-laden song structures.    “ They may be more Radiohead and jagged edges than Floyd and a warm blanket, but the result is something that is both enjoyable and extremely accessible.. ”  (Kev Roland, ProgArchives). 

Beardfish are:

  • Rikard Sjöblom / vocals keyboards, guitar
  • David Zackrinsson / guitar
  • Robert Hansen / bass
  • Magnus Östgren / drums

I’m very excited to have the opportunity to once again bring Beardfish to the Orion Showcase Stage.  Their previous show here easily ranks as one of the very best Orion showcases ever.  There will be no opening act – so I’m hoping to cajole them into playing a couple of sets.  Plus y’all should be able to come to the show, rock out, party a bit, and still make it home before Thursday.  If you want to!

This spring’s showcase series is somewhat abbreviated in terms of the number of shows.  But what we lack in quantity we more than make up with quality!  Beardfish are the perfect opening statement!  They’ll be followed by the Mike Keneally, Greg Bendian, and Bruce Lunn trio on May 22nd, Joel Harrison with guests The Anthony Pirog Trio on May 30th, and by Sonus Umbra and Might Could on June 1st.  Then yours truly goes under the knife, the saw, the drill, the hammer and chisel to install a new knee – so most definitely no shows this summer!


Da Rulz!

  • All Ages Show
  • BYOB – coolers welcome
  • Small folding chairs – I have some but you’re welcome to bring your own
  • Show at 8:00pm – doors at around 7:30.  Or so.
  • Cover is $15 (all of which goes to the bands – not a penny to the venue!)
  • driving directions