7:00pm Sunday, June 1st

Sonus Umbra

With Guests

Might Could





So you see, there once was this astrophysicist named Luis …

Spending his time considering string theory and Higgs bosons all day while pining for those heady days of his musical youth, days of stretch pants and big hair that so defined and informed his musical persona, astrophysicist Luis Nasser of Columbia College in Chicago looked out upon the space-time continuum and imagined himself rising above the musical fray of mere mortal musicians. Resplendent in his flowing multi-coloured cape he would wield his mighty bass guitar like a light saber to shine the Light of Prog as a beacon of jaunty 7/8 rhythms against the darkness of chaos and ignorance and 4/4 time signatures that ruled the musical universe and does beget such abominations as Molly Cyrus. But then again, Luis considered, Molly is quite the spinner. Another quaff of Founder’s Breakfast Stout and a resounding belch chased away all those silly pretensions. Instead Luis ultimately decided to invest his time and fortune to support a fledgling northern Ohio minor league soccer team called the Cleveland Steamers. And they lived happily ever after, end of story, right? Well, not quite.

You see, some small piece of his ruminations had gotten caught up in the accretion disk surrounding the black hole at the center of quasar 3C-273. There those thoughts were churned, like cheap butter, with the thoughts of physicist Tim McCaskey, music professor Andy Tilloston, classical pianist Brian Harris, flutist Steve Royce, singer Roey Ben-Yoseph, and guitarist Rich Poston. Once again, there the story would have ended and passed from this world as they circled the black hole, dutifully conserving energy and angular momentum. But then a funny thing happened. You see, 3C-273 lies in the constellation Virgo, the Virgin.  As the collective thought eddy approached the black hole’s “surface” their imaginations were infused with the shadows of space and time present only at the wholly imaginary mathematical construct known as the event horizon. And just as the eddy would have crossed that boundary the Powers That Be took umbrage at the utter blasphemy of these thoughts being anywhere near a virgin and instead spat the eddy out at relativistic velocities in a collimated jet of shadowy sounds beamed directly at Mexico City – then reflected off of Baltimore and ultimately to be absorbed near the shores of Lake Michigan in the dark halls between the towers of Chicago. And thus was Sonus Umbra born.

Sonus Umbra is a band that originated in Mexico City in the early 1990s.  At the time the band was called “Radio Silence”, but in 1994 had to change their name due to another band having the same name.  Sonus Umbra, or “sounds of shadows” have since created five full-length CDs including their newest, “Winter Solstice”, released late in 2013.  In April of 2004 the band performed their first US show here at Orion Studios.  By that time many of the band’s members had moved to the US, including Luis Nasser, who is now the last remaining original member of the band that started in 1991.  Today the band is comprised of many of the members of Chicago’s vibrant progressive music scene (think “The Midwest Gang” and all the questionable characters therein).  If you’re a fan of bands such as Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, Jethro Tull, Black Sabbath and King Crimson you’re sure to find lots to like in the music that emanates from the shadows: Sunus Umbra!

Sonus Umbra at Orion in 2004

Sonus Umbra is:

Roey Ben-Yoseph – Lead Vocals.
Rich Poston – Electric Guitar.
Brian Harris – Keyboards.
Steve Royce – Flute, Vocals.
Tim McCaskey – Acoustic Guitar.
Andy Tillotson – Drums, Acoustic Guitar.
Luis Nasser – Bass.


Might Could


And, since Sonus Umbra includes, in it’s membership, almost the entirety of Might Could they will, in fact, open as Might Could! Actually Might Could played here just six months ago so many of you have seen the. They’re an acoustic guitar trio with an acoustic bass guitar, and are often compared to The California Guitar Trio. Add some Michael Hedges, Bela Bartok, and King Crimson and you’re just about there. They entertain listeners by creating and performing songs with rhythmically interesting, tight, and neatly interlocking parts. Their music serves as a contrast to guitar albums filled with endless soloing and features material that is challenging and rewarding, both for themselves and their audience.


Da Rulz!

  • All Ages Show
  • BYOB – coolers welcome
  • Small folding chairs – I have some but you’re welcome to bring your own
  • Show at 7:00pm – doors at around 6:40.  Or so.
  • Cover is $15 (all of which goes to the bands – not a penny to the venue!)
  • driving directions